discharge standard of the ballast water , therefore, the Shijiyuan company according to the emissions standards of the international conventions' require , after years of research trials, in May ,2011 launched the first automatic ballast water filter and the ultrasonic medium pressure UV sterilizer, and by the unit in charge of the inspection certification. Shijiyuan ballast water uniformly available, which shows good practicability, economy, applicability, hopefully in the future with great market advantage, and make more contributions for the protection of the marine environment and promote the development of the world shipping industry.
Our corporation has gainde compliments home and abroad, due to the stability and liability of the products and specialized technological service thus cooperates well with others. We aim to become the world leading company and hope to have a long-term cooperation with friends from home and abroad for mutual development.
产品简介Product brief introduction
Automatic ballast water is a multifunctional integrated automatic water treatment equipment which is developed based on the Double Intelligent Pressure Differential Filter. It uses up to 2 microns filtration precision high-strength 316L sintered stainless steel membrane, set against automatic high-pressure wash and ultrasonic cleaning sterilization technology in one, and do not need to replace the filter element, clean thoroughly and no dead ends, automatic operation, automatic back wash, auto emissions, but also has ultrasonic bath sterilization, disinfection, reduce COD and prevent filter fouling and other features. It is widely used in municipal sewage, domestic water, oil field injection water filtration, metallurgy and food, landscape and farming industries. The system safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating costs.
工作原理Working principle

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